photo restoration.

At Village Frame Gallery, we understand the significance of your treasured photographs and artwork. That’s why we offer a full range of conservation and restoration services. Our skilled restorers use time-tested techniques and the finest materials to restore, protect and conserve your valuable images for generations to come.

For Photographs:

  • High-resolution digital scans
  • Restore faded colors
  • Remove yellowing
  • Repair cracks and tears
  • Clean-up stains and water damage
  • Enlarge small prints
  • Remove unwanted image elements

For Original Artwork:

  • Remove stains, foxing and discoloration from paper artwork
  • Fumigation services to remediate mold and fungus
  • Cleaning and varnish removal
  • Revarnishing
  • Canvas relining
  • Repair tears, rips and flaking paint